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Shanghai Zhengli is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fabric blade and fabric cutting blades in china. main products are rotary blade for fabric, fabric rotary cutter blades, rotary fabric cutting blades ect. mainly used to fabric, non woven fabric, upholstery fabric, hancock fabric, curtain fabric, moda fabric ect.

How to use fabric cutting blade

Usage: Tile the fabric to be cut in the rubber pad, the disc cutter on the fabric, pull out the locking device on the blade, rotating about 90 degrees,...

The regular maintenance of the

1, half-year maintenance time, the maintenance of various parts of the tightness of the screw to check, bearing butter and wear parts for wear and clea...

Introduction cloth circular in

Cut cloth round blade for cloth, non-woven fabrics, tents, umbrellas, foam, leather, reflective materials, plastic, paper, double-sided adhesive, aceta...

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