1,Large air hammer hot forging:applying pressure on the metal blank to plastically deform to obtain a certain mechanical properties, shape and size of the forging certain processing methods.can eliminate the metal produced in the smelting process cast loose and other defects,optimization of the microstructure.


2,Annealing:the steel is heated to a phase change or phase transition temperature of the part, the heat treatment method of slow cooling after incubation.organizations can eliminate defects and improve the organization to make uniform structure and grain refinement to improve the mechanical properties of steel, reduce the residual stress,while reducing hardness, improved ductility and toughness, improve cutting performance.


CNC machining


3,CNC machining:by precision CNC machine tools to carry out rough shaping.


4,Quenched:the steel is heated to above the critical temperature, holding time, then quickly into Quenched agent to a temperature plummet,greater than the critical cooling rate of the rapid rate of cooling, the heat treatment method to obtain martensite-based organizations imbalance.can effectively increase the hardness.


5,Tempering:the normalization process Through quenching and then back home in the soaking time, can contribute to a portion of the carbide precipitation,while there may eliminate residual stress caused in part by the rapid cooling, the material can be improved toughness and flexibility.


Coarse grinding


6,Coarse grinding:use horizontal shaft surface grinding machine for grinding plane, the groove etc.


7,Second tempering:elimination of residual stress caused in part by the rapid cooling, thus improving the toughness and flexibility.


Fine grinding


8,Fine grinding:high-precision CNC grinding machine grinding, polishing before the blade reaches the surface accuracy required dimensional accuracy and surface roughness.




9,Grind:by polishing machine blades machining surface finishing process.


Textile Blades Quality Inspection


10,Factory inspection:instruments and equipment by experienced engineers check the blade hardness, toughness, and other parameters whether the manufacturer's specifications.


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