Shanghai Zhengli Blade Manufacture Co., Ltd.

was founded in 1990, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fabric blade and fabric cutting blades in china. for more than 20 years, we are constantly striving for practical, durable, and to this day, our factory produces famous fabric blades for long life, and received more than 20 national utility model patent technology research and development. Our factory in China has one general factory, two branch factory, the general factory is located in Shanghai City, the branch factory is located in Guangzhou, Ma'anshan, the annual output value of about 50 million. in 2001, produced by our factory fabric blades through the ISO international quality certification, and in 2003 some fabric blade passed the European CE and SGS certification. in 2008 our factory fabric blade began to enter foreign trade, so far, our fabric blade has been exported to more than and 30 countries and regions, and the establishment of long-term cooperative relations with more than and 30 textile mills...more

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How to use fabric cutting blade

Usage: Tile the fabric to be cut in the rubber pad, the disc cutter on the fabric, pull out the locking device on the blade, rotating about 90 degrees,...


The regular maintenance of the fabric cutting machi

1, half-year maintenance time, the maintenance of various parts of the tightness of the screw to check, bearing butter and wear parts for wear and clea...

Product Description

Fabric blade, also known as fabric blades. mainly used for all types of fabric machinery, the non woven fabrics, fabrics, upholstery fabric, hancock fabric, curtain fabric, moda fabric and other fabrics for cutting, slitter, rolling cutting. shape is generally rectangular or round, one side edge, the cutting edge can be divided into the flat blade and the tooth edge.

Product Advantages

Our fabric blade is made of high quality steel without flaw detection, by casting, heat treatment, finishing, hardening, thermal insulation, the initial grinding, grinding, deep cold treatment and other production processes, make it have high precision, wear-resisting, sharp, long service life.